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#BraFactory; A one stop destination for lingerie retailers in India

The Inception

The concept behind the launch of Bra Factory to provide a one stop wholesale lingerie shopping destination for retailers. It all started when we noticed that to provide best lingeries to customer one should have to maintain the quality with minimum pricing which some times impossible for Indian retailer if they are purchasing the same are below quality products from other brands on high prices. The involvement of lot of middleman also increase its prices and reduce the margin for retailers. Also customer can not avail the product on minimal prices. Upon deeper research, we found that the existing distribution channels restricted the availability of best product on minimum prices to delight the customers, leading to a lack of direct sources of the products. We realised that online could be a great platform for retailer to pick the right products on different shape and sizes on factory prices by providing them the power to buy direct from manufacturer without and middleman such as distributer, company, wholesaler etc. With the expansion of internet penetration in the country, online shopping India becoming a way of line and the already existing gap in the lingerie business, the stage was set for us. We decided to take the plunge into the world of lingerie and The Bra Factory happened!

Factory to Retailer

The Bra Factory is a full stack lingerie manufacturer in India, which controls every part of its supply chain from what we call as factory-to-retailer. We design in-house, hand-pick our raw-materials and manufacture in controlled exclusive facilities, ensuring 4-levels of quality controls and we sell through a host of sale channels. Every product we create is first made in small quantities, monitored via a state-of-the-art backend technology, which predicts future sales (based on sales patterns and customer feedback) and recommends what further styles and quantities should be produced. This leads to a true fast fashion brand that is low on cost (as the middlemen are cut out), high on consumer appeal (thanks to our 100+yrs of combined design experience in-house), super-efficient on inventory and built completely on consumer feedbacks. The cost that we save due to these efficient practices is transferred back to our retailer in the form of a higher margin as well.